Columbia Festival of the Arts

Columbia Festival of the Arts FREE LAKEFEST WEEKEND

The Festival kicks off each June with LakeFest, its free, three-day outdoor celebration on the lakefront in Downtown Columbia. The event includes live performance arts, children’s creative activities, a juried fine arts and crafts show, a variety of hands-on workshops for all ages and, of course, the always popular outdoor festival food fare. The LakeFest weekend is open to the general public at no charge, drawing thousands each year over the course of the weekend to participate in the celebration. The LakeFest event enables the Festival to attract audiences from all socio-economic backgrounds, some of which might not otherwise attend and/ or learn to appreciate live performance art.

The days following LakeFest are comprised of a variety of free and ticketed events, including performances in multiple disciplines, master classes, workshops, fine art exhibitions, literary offerings, film and frequent opportunities to interact directly with artists. The performance events offered each year feature the finest available in international, national, regional (mid-Atlantic), and local (Baltimore-Washington corridor) talent from the world of music, dance, theater, comedy, literature and more.