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Columbia Festival Team

Fans (<$50)
Ruthann Grey
Susan Hobby
Xina Kojzar

Choreographer ($50+)
Joanne & Rick Fornadel
Kiera Gillock
Alexander Julian III
Barbara Kaplan
Phil Maher
Kathleen Plunkett

Thespian ($75+)
Dave Simmons

Prodigy ($100+)
Bram Berlin
James Ferry Photography
Charlotte & Armand Harris, Jr.
Steve & Donna Kaplan
Eric Katkow
Judy Pittman
Judith Rubin
Ellen & Tim Sosinski

Maestro ($250+)
Nellie W. Arrington
Mae A. Beale
Eileen S. Clegg
Lawrence Coppel
Donald Eddins
Mary Kay Sigaty
Henry & Nancy Yee

Virtuoso ($500+)
Ronald L. Briggs
Willis Lansford
Babe & Dick Chaney Memorial Fund
Laura & Marc William Salganik
John Zick

Headliner ($1,000+)
Susan Boucher

Last updated: 05/08/2024