June 14-30, 2019


The Festival can’t happen without the help of volunteers. We rely volunteers to help with all aspects of the Festival, from office tasks to ushering to on-site support during events. The commitment can be as little as 4 hours and you choose your volunteer task based on your availability and interests.

Why volunteer with the Festival? It’s an opportunity to have fun through helping to make the arts available to all. Volunteers who help at Festival events receive a free t-shirt, free stand-by seating to ticketed events, invitation to the volunteer picnic in July, and other free gifts.

Some 2019 Changes to Past LakeFest Operating Instructions

  1. On Call/Waiting List: To avoid having too many volunteers at any one time, with not quite enough to do, we are going to try limiting some of the positions, and relying on an On Call/Waiting List to reach out to volunteers that have indicated they may be able to fill a need in a more ad hoc fashion. This will also help fill needs due to the loss of a scheduled volunteer due to illness or other personal emergencies. If you sign up for On-Call/Waiting List Volunteer positions, you will be notified as soon as possible. If we can predict the need, we will attempt to notify you at least a day in advance. If the need arises urgently, we hope you will able to help, but recognize you may be unavailable at the time you selected. The notification will come from either your Team Lead, the Volunteer Coordinator or someone in the Volunteer Check-in Booth.


  1. New Information Booth Position: In another attempt to ensure our volunteers are gainfully employed during the festival, we are identifying a new position for the Information Booth. This position will be a Roaming Information Ambassador. For one hour, twice during a shift, three individuals will roam the Festival, providing information and answering questions of festival guests. They will also identify issues that they may notice, and report those to the Volunteer Check-in Booth via phone. My plan is that each Roaming Ambassador will have an umbrella to shade them from the sun. So if you like to walk around, meet people and ensure they are having a good time, check out the Roaming Information Ambassador position!


  1. New Issue Manager Position: Similarly, the Volunteer Check-in Booth will have a couple of individuals whose job is to help address any phoned in issues. For example, perhaps one of our vendor artists needs a break, but all on-site Volunteer Support personnel are already relieving artists. One of the Issue Managers could relieve the artist. Or perhaps we’re having shuttle bus or parking issues. The Issue Manager position will be restricted to 18 year olds and older, due to the unknown situations that may be encountered.


  1. Usher Assignments: For performances where ushers are needed, the Volunteer Coordinator, working with the Usher Manager, will ensure that for each performance we have a mix of experienced and new volunteers assigned. That will mean that we will not necessarily guarantee that you will get to usher at all performances, even if you sign up for a scheduled slot, vice the On Call/Waiting List. However, we will guarantee that you will get at least one of the scheduled slots you sign up for.


  1. Cash, Credit and Debit Merchandise Sales: We will take payment via cash, credit and debit cards. We are currently working to get some iPods and iPads set up with an application that you often see at various other festivals. So far everything is looking good. Training will be provided at all three of our training sessions in late May/early June.


  1. Team Leads or Trusted Representative Work from Volunteer Check-in Booth: To better respond to unexpected situations/issues, Team Leads or one of their trusted representative volunteers will work from the Volunteer Check-In Booth during all shifts. This requirement may be eased if we find that we can easily get the lead or the trusted representative to respond quickly enough without colocation.


  1. Speaking of training sessions, attendance at one training session is mandatory, even for experienced volunteers. That’s where you get your t-shirt that all Volunteers are required to wear at the Festival (with the exception of ushers for ticketed performances). To better accommodate everyone’s schedules, we will be offering three training sessions this year. Dates have not yet been determined, but you will know as soon as they are.


  1. LakeFest is going Green: Karen Douglas is leading efforts to reduce the waste we produce and how it can be returned to some more natural, useable material. One way we can all help, is to bring our own water bottles filled from home. The Festival will continue to provide water and ice to all volunteers, but we are hoping to reduce the number of plastic water bottles we must purchase and dispose of. We will be mounting a publicity campaign, prior to the Festival, to encourage our Festival guests to also bring their own pre-filled water bottles. However, the Information Booth will still be selling water to Festival goers.

Festival Volunteer Jobs


Help with various administrative needs prior to the Festival.


Help bands performing on the Festival stage sell their merchandise, and sell Festival merchandise.


Assist artists participating in the Invitational Arts & Craft Show in unloading and loading artwork from their vehicles.


Provide information, answer questions, provide programs, and distribute and collect surveys.


Help CFA performers feel comfortable by assisting backstage and providing food.


Provide relief breaks to participating visual artists.


Assist the KidzArt team as they guide children (and their parents) through hands-on arts and crafts activities.


Team members will help generate ideas, engage in outreach to local organizations who have an interest in sustainability, and help with other details as needed.  We will meet once a month and also communicate via email as needed.

How to Volunteer

The first step is to complete the application below. This is very short survey to collect information on how to contact you, your interests, and your past experience with the Festival. You will then be contacted as volunteer needs arise.

Questions? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at susan@columbiafestival.com

Volunteer Application

Most of these opportunities occur only during the summer festival, but some volunteers are also needed to help with various activities throughout the year.

The Festival wants to thank the Board of Trustees and the following volunteers for their support at LakeFest and ticketed events in 2018:

Madeline Albright
Peter Axelrod
Honi Bamberger
Anne Barker
Mae Beale
Arlene Blume
Kit Bonham
Doug Brice
Nan Brown
Dottie Byers
Volcan Cakmaki
Martha Calabrese
Ann Carberry
Berni Carrieri
Sharon Chaiklin
Claudia Charity
Yifang Chen
Judy Combs
Janet Dabu
Athena Dalrymple
Scott Dalrymple
Ramsey Davies
Don Dey
Doug Douglas
Steve Drakos
Ruth Drucker
Alison Ebert
Deborah Ekweozoh
Kate Farber
Cliff Feldwick
Danielle Ferguson
Barbara Fowler
Dave Frankel
Sue Frankel
Tara Gary
Matt Gaver
Diane Gibbons Lesko
Amy Ginsberg
Carol Gleason
Laura Grandner
Leslie Gulman
Marilyn Handwerger
Charlotte Harris
Sondra Haskins

Dee Hearle
Susan Hellenbrand
Nancy Hernandez
Kelli Hillmar
Karen Holland
Jessica Hsin
Inge Hyder
Ogechi Ihegbe
Marie Jansen
Terri Johnson
Cody Jones
Kati Kain
Dale Kane
Scott Kane
Barbara Kaplan
Theodora(Theo) Karr
Stephanie Kidwell
Nancy Knouse
Donna Koelle
Diane Kowalski
Christina Lane
Melissa Leffler
Cheryl Liverpool-Cummins
Emily Loghmani
Yvonne Lund
Wayne Lund
Donna Lyman
Leslie Macfarlane
Matthew Madera
Jean Maliuat
Avon Martin
Barbara McClayton
Jacquie McLaughlin
Maureen McNary
Jean McQuaid
Joy Meacham
Cookie Milam
Roger Milam
Diane Miller
Marti Toronto Miller
Linda Monti
Maeve Mooney
Poonam More

Barbara Moyer
Sarah Nelson
Mary Nicholsonne
Keren Orzach
Vandoar Patterson
Audrey Paulino
Karla Pearce
Charla Phillips
Cheryl Plaisance
Daisy Prasad
Rosemary Robinson
Jean Rosenberg
Roland Russoli
Rose Salvo
Barry Schiffer
Stephanie Schuster
Lisa Shelton
Susan Smith
Allison Sokoll
Janice Strauss
Richard Strauss
David Suzuki
Amy Taylor
Seth Taylor
Laurie Thorner
Stephanie Ulman
Kathy Urie
Louise Villarreal
Loretta Antoinette Walker
Donald R. Walker Jr
Zhengfang Wang
Sandy Wen
Yvonne West
Natalie Whylie
Karen Wilson
Laura Wilson
Matt Wilson
Julie Wolf
Joyce Wronka
Phyllis Yigdall
Judy Zaller
Jeff Zaller
David Zeitzer