June 12-28, 2020

The Columbia Festival of the Arts is scheduled to open June 12-14 with the free, three-day LakeFest Weekend, followed by a variety of ticketed and free events, including the Columbia Film Festival, through the end of June. Check back in April 2020 for full event details.

2019 Festival Events

june, 2019

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Special Community Support

How can we lend a hand? Please support our partners and those offering valuable services to our community. Cured/18th & 21st and Clyde's restaurants have some gracious offers, plus they are asking for help. Cured/18th & 21st - Make a deposit towards a future family or corporate event (over $1500 food and beverage) , earn [...]


Dance In The Rain

Dance In The Rain! As we move forward, let us all learn to dance in the rain. We celebrate the Arts as a vital part of life and will be doing all we can in the coming days, weeks and months online to bring some light and entertainment to our community. Please support your favorite [...]



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