June 12-28, 2020

Volunteer Event Coordinator

Job Summary

Each year Columbia Festival of the Arts raises funds and recruits, trains and thanks approximately 150 volunteers, all of which are essential to making Columbia’s three-week celebration of the arts a success. An event coordinator plays an important role in ensuring large donor and volunteer-related events are organized and executed flawlessly. An event coordinator will work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to fully understand the vision for the events and establish realistic budgets. They then use their knowledge and experience to the best quality and pricing for everything from food to live music. During the celebration, an event coordinator ensures the event is memorable and enjoyable.

Responsibilities and Duties

As the Volunteer Event Coordinator, you will work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator from September through July at no more than 4-8 hours a week when an event is being planned. There will be a minimum of six events to plan – a Volunteer Recruiting Event, Training for Volunteers, Volunteer and Donor Appreciation Events, and at least two fundraising events. Most work can be done from your home computer.

  • Coordinate regularly with the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Assist with promotion of the event by creating content for posters/flyers, printed publications and social media
  • Manage distribution and posting of event promotional material, with assistance of volunteers, as needed
  • Coordinate with facility providers, vendors, talent, volunteer team leads and other stakeholders during event planning
  • Manage event set up, tear down and follow-ups
  • Establish standardized event procedures, and recruit and train volunteers into properly executing them
  • Build and adhere to an event budget to avoid project overruns
  • Track event key performance areas and identify items to work on for future events
  • Purchase and deliver supplies needed for the event.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Ability to work independently
  • Capable of working with internal and external individuals, teams and partners
  • Experience coordinating and managing events for small to large groups
  • Familiarity with event registration software for existing volunteers, prospective volunteers and donors
  • Prior experience in hospitality management, marketing or related areas desired
  • Ability to work to a deadline and a budget
  • Strong communicator, with good interpersonal skills
  • Passionate about helping others find joy in volunteering their time to the arts and Columbia