Are you a songwriter?  Is Music in your soul?

Columbia Festival of the Arts, WTMD and our community partners want to hear from you!  Officially launching on October 14 through November 19 you can submit your creativity as part of our Songs of Strength music competition.

While entries can be any kind of music with lyrics on any subject you like, Songs of Strength is about music that somehow inspires, shares our challenges, our hopes, our will to grow and desire to heal.  We have a Youth category for songwriters under 18 (as of Oct 1, 2020) and an Adult category for 18+.


If you have a recent song (written anytime after January 1, 2020) that you can submit as an audio file with a lyric sheet, simply complete the official entry form below.  Be prepared to upload your audio, up to 3 photographs (images and/or artwork), and a PDF lyric sheet. If you have a Music Video file, you can include the URL to YouTube, Vimeo, or other hosting site.

Adult First Prize – $750. Youth First Prize – $500 and an Audience Choice Award is $250.  Additional non-cash prizes may be awarded. Our honored and experienced Judges represent various Art & Music Industry professionals (Soon to be announced!) Winners will be announced January 2021. 

Competition Entry Form
      If Under 18 then a Parent/Guardian permission form must be included. Click Link On Top of This Page to download form.
    • If OTHER, please explain.
    • When naming your file you MUST use the format SONG_YourName_SongTitle_YourPhoneNumber.MP3 (or .MP4 etc)
    • When naming your file you MUST use the format LYRICS_YourName_SongTitle_YourPhoneNumber.PDF and SAVE the file in a PDF format.
    • Drop files here or
      When naming your file you MUST use the format PHOTO_YourName_YourPhoneNumber1.JPG (.PNG or .TIF) Preferred JPG format. If multiple image files they must be numbered, 1,2, 3, etc.)