Director: Hamza Faraz Karamat

Run Time:  9 mins 55 sec

Student, Short, Drama, International

After his son falls ill because of Punjab’s smog epidemic, an unnamed father is forced to introspect his own smoking habit as well as the planet he’s leaving behind for his child.

Director Commentary: In my passing years, I’ve had the immense displeasure of observing the rapid and unchecked urbanization of my native Lahore. This has mostly been at the expense of our city’s once famous greenery as well as the use of archaic manufacturing techniques such as brick kilns. This lack of greenery eventually led to Lahore joining the rest of the Indo-Gangetic plain in suffering through its most pertinent environmental epidemic: the smog season.

As the city’s lungs began to deteriorate and Lahore added a whole new season to its roster, I couldn’t help but draw a connection with my own family’s smoking habits and the impact it had on me, personally. Additionally, my bother’s struggle asthma during the aforementioned smog season directly contributed to the character of the lead’s ill son. This same introspection eventually led to the idea behind ‘Under Heaven’.

Visually, the film draws from early Indian Cinema with particular reference to Satyajit Ray and the broader Parallel Cinema movement. More personally, however, the black and white visuals are also meant to emphasize the unique ‘de-saturation’ of colors I began to witness as the smog grew increasingly thick in Lahore.

Director Bio: Hamza Faraz is a student filmmaker currently enrolled at the National College of Art in Lahore.