Director: Vince Eisenson

Run Time:  7 mins 25 sec

Screening Block: DELMARVA 2

Date/Time: FRI JUN 19 1:00PM & 8:00PM


Short, DelMarVa, Drama

Description:  A jaded alcoholic has his worldview challenged by an unexpected act.

Director Commentary: This film was based on a real experience our screenwriter (Al Julian) had while leading group therapy sessions several years ago.  The project went through a few iterations, and my involvement changed at different steps along the way.  Eventually, I realized I had become attached to the characters, the story, the atmosphere, and the central questions to such a degree that I needed to direct the piece.  This wasn’t an easy decision, especially since I had signed on to act in it.  I guess sometimes you just have to go all in. 
The story for me was always about a simple question:  what does it take for people to really change?  A lot of these characters are locked in – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.  They have decided what life has to offer and aren’t interested in looking beyond their current views.  I’m sure we all know people like that – or believe we do.  Perhaps we feel that way ourselves.  Hopefully this short will provide some answers we hadn’t considered.  Or maybe it will just raise the right questions.

Director  Biography:  Vince Eisenson is an actor (and producer/director) based outside Washington, D.C.  He has performed with many theatres in the area, including Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare Theatre, Folger, Synetic, and many others.  He has appeared on television in Turn: Washington’s Spies, Hunters, Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda, True Terror with Robert Englund, and several other series.  He can also be seen as Francis Scott Key in the IMAX film, The Star Spangled Banner: Anthem of Liberty.