Director: Prakash Saini

Run Time:  2 hours 5 mins 

Collection: FEATURE FILM

Date/Time: SUN JUN 21 10:00AM – 10:00PM


Feature, Drama, International, Sub-Titles, Advisory: Language, Violence

Description:  As children we are constantly warned by our elders about the hardships of life. At some point we all must overcome these obstacles that life will place between us and our destiny. Unfortunately for ‘Rani’ some of these
obstacles are in the form of people, like her father ‘Mahesh’ Who is hell bent on getting‘Rani’ married right after school. But currently focusing on another obstacle ‘Manish’, who has almost devoured the life of Rani’s best friend ‘Rinki’, bound eternally by the outdated norms
of the village, run by a false justice system in her village. We see ‘Rani’ selflessly save her best friend and in the process we witness the evolution of a village girl.

Director Commentary: ‘Prakash Saini’, Not coming from any film school, the experience gained during work was all I could learn from and I do believe I paid very close attention. Although coming from a similar village background as my story depicts, I’ve been noticing a lot about underage marriages. I took much interest in one of the families from the village and noticed a lot that could change for the better. In the situation of this one family from the village ‘Pumpu’, the father is so keen on getting his daughter married, he doesn’t even think of her basic necessities of marriage, leave alone her right age or happiness. He does not even bother to notice, most of the men he is willing to give his daughter’s hand are uneducated and literally twice her age. What future can that person possibly provide to my daughter or how is my child supposed to raise a child, never occurs. Because at a very young age most of these unfortunate girls are made to conceive heirs for the families. None of these points are even a concern and it does bother me a lot. As adults today we miss our childhood because of the lives our parents have given us in the city and fortunately because of their understanding and education, we were blessed with a better than average life. But what about these girls put through a torturous system of underage marriage in villages. Will they ever miss their childhood, of course not! There are a number of reasons I wanted to make this film, namely, underage marriage and the false panchayats (councils) that run these places but mainly the need for educating every child, specially from rural areas so that tomorrow, when they become parents they do not repeat the same mistakes as their parents have”.

Director Bio: ‘Prakash Saini’ made his debut as a director with ‘Meri Padosan’ (My Neighbour) in 2009, a pure comedy film, where we see the lengths that a man will go to win a contest. With a tunnel vision towards winning, he is willing to breach all of his neighbours’ personal boundaries to win. Followed by another comedy film, fused with a little action in 2014, ‘Chal Bhaag’ (Let’s Run), a film where tragedy meets coincidence, where 3 not so innocent men are framed for a murder of a local politician. They try to escape, they succeed and are now on the run. ‘Prakash Saini’ came from a small village with no film making background or experience. Fortunate enough to land a lot of work initially to his debut and working tediously, he made his way and was offered to direct the above mentioned films. Coming back with a topic that he felt needed dire attention, and the concerns of it ascending rapidly he chose to make his debut as a Writer & Director with ‘Rising Rani’.