Screenwriter: Alexandra Carrera
Run Time:  1 Hour 20 mins
Collection: LIVE EVENTS

Date/Time: WED JUN 24 2:30PM

Ticket Options: FREE

Feature, Comedy, Live Event

Description:  After losing the last vestige of a life-long dream, has-been-wanna-be singer-songwriter Lolly Lozapone returns home, hoping to find solace in her father’s loving embrace. Instead, she finds that her father, (increasingly eccentric, retired professor Max Lozapone) can’t wait for her to leave. She reconnects with her best childhood friend Jeryl St. Clair, a successful attorney recently saddled with the care of her mother, former distinguished Professor Ella Mae St. Clair. Professor St. Clair, famous for integrating academia as the first African American to gain tenure at the local college, is now slipping into the great fog of Alzheimer’s. The two befriend Sheila Webb, middle-aged party girl and part-owner of the Flip Side, a venue where Lolly used to play. While Sheila’s never at a loss for dates, she struggles to establish a relationship with her grandson whose mother, Shannon (born when Sheila was barely 15) tries to keep him as far away as possible.

Failing to ingratiate herself with her father, her neighbor, or even Jeryl, Lolly accepts the offer of helping out former flame, Jamie Quinn, with the care of his wife – the beautiful Patricia, currently fighting cancer. But Patricia has other plans. Sick of chemo, Patricia enlists Lolly as a co-conspirator, allowing Patricia a few good months before passing off her family’s care (Jamie and two teenaged girls) into Lolly’s (questionably-capable) hands in the event of Patricia’s death.

A lifetime of desperate attempts to be chosen by someone else leads to the pivotal moment of reckoning when a middle-aged woman finally frees her own voice and learns to choose herself.

Screenwriter Bio: Alexandra (Sasha) Carrera is an actor/writer living in Frederick, Maryland. She returned to Maryland after over a decade in Los Angeles where she worked as an actor both on stage and screen and also provided creative consulting for a producer at Artisan Entertainment and later, The Genre Company.  Her first film, Mr. Hopewell’s Remedy, a short she wrote during a trip back to Maryland, won multiple awards in festivals from Los Angeles to New York. Currently she plays series lead, Petra Antonelli, in the Baltimore-based web-series Thespian, now in its second season, available on Amazon.