Director: Paul Goodman

Run Time:  32 mins 28 sec

Collection: SHORTS 3

Date/Time: SUN JUN 21 11:00AM & 5:00PM


Short, Drama, Romantic, Advisory: Language

Description:  The span of one couples relationship from the perspectives of three generations. Heather, a singer/songwriter, becomes involved with her producer’s son, Ben, and through the course of a year – her music finds footing while her relationship slowly loses balance. Ben turns to his family, young and old, for a step in the right direction.

Director Bio: Paul Goodman was born in Santa Monica, California, and lived there for his first 5 years until he moved to Tustin, California. He, and his younger sister Laurie, grew up in a mixed household and celebrated their Japanese heritage through eating and cooking with their grandma (obachan), staying involved with their local Japanese American community and making event videos for their local Buddhist temple.

What began as a community hobby quickly led to a degree in Film and Media Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Throughout this time, Paul would enjoy not only upgrading his filmmaking equipment but also playing volleyball competitively around the country and volunteering as a camp counselor every summer. After graduating college, Paul made an effort to travel and backpacked through British Columbia where he organized foreign exchange relationships with international filmmakers.

In 2016 he was offered a position as a camera operator and sound mixer for the Discovery show, Whale Wars, and joined the crew of the M/Y Steve Irwin on their imminent campaign to track down illegal fishing operations in the Arctic Ocean. He would spend almost 100 days at sea documenting Sea Shepherd through their myriad adventures.

In late 2016, Paul was diagnosed with Leukemia and spent the next three years battling cancer while still trying to pursue his film career. Having to give up on the high seas and the world of docuseries, he spent his time in the hospital refining and writing scripts and editing. During the next three years Paul would write, direct and edit two short films, Leafer (2019) and Six Windows (2019), as well as his first feature, Evergreen (2020). He credits the support of his amazing family, friends and crew (many overlapping parties), to have been able to grow during a period known foremost for its grief and pain and now looks forward to a career of good health, possibility and grandeur.