MAVEN Explores Mars 

Director: James Tralie

Run Time:  2 mins 18 sec

Short, Documentary, DelMarVa, Animation

NASA’s MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) spacecraft has discovered layers and rifts in the electrically charged part of the upper atmosphere (the ionosphere) of Mars. The phenomenon is very common at Earth and causes unpredictable disruptions to radio communications. However, we do not fully understand them because they form at altitudes that are very difficult to explore at Earth. The unexpected discovery by MAVEN shows that Mars is a unique laboratory to explore and better understand this highly disruptive phenomenon.

Director Bio: James Tralie is a Planetary Science Video Producer at NASA and seeks to explain complex scientific discoveries to the public through film and animation. His films, including documentaries, music videos, dramas, and animations, have been selected by international film festivals for screenings and awards. Some of these include a screening at the White House to meet President Obama, a Student Emmy, PBS screenings, and a YoungArts Award. He studied Geosciences with minors in French and Environmental Studies at Princeton University.

MAVEN Explores Mars Trailer