Director: Zak Seidman

Run Time:  4 mins 1 sec

Short, DelMarVa, Thriller

Memories of a nightmare.

Director Commentary: I was always told to treat the world like it’s a Circus. I am the ringmaster and you all are the lions ready to rip me apart.

Director Bio: Zak Seidman was raised by a pack of wild cats on the outskirts of New Orleans. Living as an outcast, he dwelled beneath a bridge for several years. In order to survive, he sold hard drugs and delivered soft shell crabs. One day an elegant lad told him he should move to Orlando to become a Disney Prince. This lad was named John Waters. Zak did not follow this advice, choosing instead to stalk John Waters on his journey back to the steamy streets of Baltimore in order to one day become a film director himself.

His work has been showcased throughout the cinemas of Lancaster, PA, the galleries of Ocean City, the bars of Frederick, Maryland and the streets of London. Currently, he is trying to work out his life choices through the lens of a camera. His work is regarded much higher than his life choices.