Director: Amy Figueroa Mori

Run Time:  8 mins 18 sec

Screening Collection: STUDENT 1

Date/Time: THU JUN 18 11:00AM & 5:00PM


Student, Short, Romantic, Fantasy

Description:  Reeling from the sudden end of a slowly dying relationship, Jack destroys all that’s left to eliminate the lingering wounds. But when he finds that he cannot escape the mementos that trigger the most pain, he faces an unwanted yet liberating truth: sometimes the moments you wish you could forget are defining lessons that you need to treasure.

Director Commentary: I count myself blessed to know the value of diversity as the first mainland-born of my Puerto Rican family. Having grown up amongst that culture, the buzz of the nation’s capitol, and the far away shores of Hawai’i greatly affects my work. I aim to create thought-provoking, joy-instilling content that is not only suitable for all audiences, but can bring all of us together in the unity of being human.

Director Biography: Amy Figueroa Mori is a director and writer with 12+ years of general experience – no, that’s not a mistake! Her love for film began in elementary school when she was given access to a camera and editing software for academic projects. What began as an alternative to essays became her passion.

While her focus is directing, her general interests include narrative filmmaking as well as abstract works. What sets her apart is her effort to see design as its own singular character; the way in which actors interact with their space is just as important as how they interact with each other – it is the focal point of her official debut, Keepsake.