Director: Megan Malone

Run Time:  31 mins 38 sec

Student, Short, Drama

Lakbira, an illegal immigrant from Morocco, must make incredible sacrifices for her daughter, Kitty, in order to give her a better life. Kitty’s quest for mobility becomes lawless, forcing Lakbira to disown her, and yet Lakbira comes to need her daughter’s cunningness and criminality more than ever when she falls ill with breast cancer.

Director Commentary: Habibah is loosely based on real events that transpired in my life throughout my childhood and college. The featurette explores the nuances of collisions between mother and daughter, East and West, and silence and love.

Director Bio: May Malone is the daughter of a Moroccan immigrant, whose sacrifices for her have opened the opportunity to share her interpretations of the meaning of the intersection of strength and womanhood through original narratives. In addition, May is involved in education research and devotes her creative energy in this space to sharing the success stories that help to make our world a more equitable place.