AFTER FOREVER: Riley’s Unforgettable School Project

Director: Allison Vanore
Run Time:  37 mins 9 sec

We are honored to be able to share this special edition episode of the Emmy Award Winning Series AFTER FOREVER which has been a featured event for Columbia Film Festival.  Along with Producer/Series Star Kevin Spirtas and the entire cast and crew, we honor the memory and talent of the late Michael Slade, original co-creator, producer and writer.  Godspeed Michael!  

Web Series, Drama, LGBTQ, Award Winning

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The multi-Emmy Award winning series After Forever releases this documentary-style special “Riley’s Unforgettable School Project” shot remotely throughout the Fall of 2020 while the country continued the battle against COVID-19. Producer/Director Allison Vanore said, “We knew we couldn’t film Season 3 as intended, with integrity, and we certainly didn’t want to put anyone at risk. In the meantime, we’re thrilled we could do something creative to keep our After Forever family and fans engaged.”