Not Just Knots Virtual Knot Tying Workshop for Kids!

Chief Pirate: David Engel

Run Time:  25 mins 

Date/Time: Monday Aug 10 at 10 AM – Aug 24 at 10 AM On- Demand

Tickets : Completely FREE!

Kids, Fun, Family Entertainment, Young Audiences, All Pirates!

This Pirate Booty Treat will leave you Laughing In Knots!

Description: A swashbuckling adventure created and performed by veteran New York actor David Engel.

All ages. Supplies needed: One 2’ length and one 4” length of ¼ cotton rope per camper (clothesline ok).
The Columbia Festival of the Arts presents Knot just Knots, the magic of Knot Tying. David Engel is a sailor in real life having grown up on Sunfish, Lasers, crewed on two tall ships and owned two wooden boats- a classic 25’ 1910 Catboat and a 25’ Crocker Stone Horse. Kids will spend about 25-minutes learning practical knots (Overhand, Square, Stopper, etc.) as well as some fun rope magic and whimsical knots (Tie Knot without hands, Midshipman’s Knot, Magic Disappearing Knot, etc.).
You can view this workshop from a computer, tablet, or phone – anyplace you can access the internet. This virtual workshop will be made available at starting at 10 A.M. on Friday, August 10, 2020 and will remain available for viewing through August 24.
There is a no fee for this free workshop and no sign up required.
About Pirate School: This riotous, interactive pirate escapade satisfies children’s universal curiosity for the briny buccaneers of yore, while promoting everyday polite behavior and social-courage.
Now in it’s 24th season, Pirate School! has delighted thousands of families with a mischievous blend of improvisational clown theater and it’s signature brand of boisterous full-audience participation. Parents marvel as their kids become “good pirates,” swaggering out of the virtual theater transformed by this heartwarming family show.
During Pirate School! the bumbling pirate professor Billy Bones, played by David Engel, teaches youngsters 4 and up the finer points of light-hearted mischief. The audience partakes in riotous, joyful competitions that rattle the rafters and zany lessons on how to stand, talk, sing and laugh like jaunty Buccaneers.
Featuring an original cartoon-like sound effect and musical score, eye-popping puppetry, eccentric props, adept magic, slapstick swordplay antics, a misbehaving cannon, a talking skull and the world’s only wearable pirate ship, Pirate School! is truly a treasure to discover!

Meet Professor Billy Bones!

Live Event Photos from 2019.