June 14-30, 2019

Arts, Technology, and Innovation


Arts and technology have always had a symbiotic relationship. Enhancing technological development with principles from creative and design processes drives innovation, and in turn new technologies are adapted and transformed by artists to create new art forms that challenge our world views and provide new ways of interacting with art.

Creativity generates new ideas and approaches while innovation implements them. Because the arts are so firmly rooted in creative expression, they have an immense possible impact on technology and innovation, as well as on the economy. Creative industries that use and expand new technology generate billions of dollars each year. Technologists and artists often collaborate on projects that create new tools and technologies, while inventing entirely new artistic media.

Technology is also inspiring artists as they find new means of expression through technology, and has democratized the process of creating. From digital art to kinetic pieces, and works that tap into the internet, artists are creating provocative new and interactive art forms. The proliferation of technology into the hands of every individual carrying a smart phone has also begun to reshape the definition of the artist. As the disciplines of art and technology continue to grow in tandem and fuse, they will jointly produce the innovations of tomorrow.

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