June 14-30, 2019

Sponsor Spotlight: Remedy Columbia – Medical Dispensary

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, The Columbia Festival of the Arts continues to make Columbia one of the best places to live, and do business.

Who is Remedy Columbia – Medical Dispensary?

Their legacy began in 1974. Our founder, Robert M. Duggan, established the first acupuncture and alternative medicine school in Columbia at a time when acupuncture was legal in only two states nationwide. Introduced to wellness at an early age, they have over forty years of experience in the art and science of integrative medicine, helping countless patients with cancer, pain, and addiction.

They believe knowledge is healing. Bob Duggan said “wellness is a conversation”. We pass this lesson on to our staff in a continuous education and training process. Their friendly, professional staff will guide you through your options and any questions you might have. Whatever your conditions or ailments–chronic pain, anxiety, depression, hypertension, or nausea from chemotherapy–their team will assist you in selecting a path to relief and wellness. At Remedy Columbia you are in the hands of experienced healers.


And because Remedy Columbia is locally owned and operated by Howard County professionals, students, parents and active community members, they understand you. They are fortunate to have deep roots in such a diverse, vibrant city and they want to give back to their community with the gift of natural medicine and scientific breakthroughs. They are committed to delivering safe, natural medicine directly to you–garden fresh with care and kindness.

“Our mission is to provide Maryland registered Medical Cannabis patients with access to the highest quality, most efficacious, and most carefully selected medications to relieve their ailments in a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment. Our vision at Remedy is to become Maryland’s leader in medical cannabis supply and support.” – Remedy Columbia mission statement

Thank you Remedy Columbia for supporting The Columbia Festival of the Arts!!