June 14-30, 2019

Arts in Our Community: Harpers Choice Middle School Chorus

The mission of the Columbia Festival of the Arts is to present a world-class celebration of the arts and entertainment that attracts, engages and inspires the broad and diverse community it serves. Today, more than ever, it is of utmost importance not only keep the arts alive but for the arts to thrive. It is easy to find reasons to be divided but the visual, performing and literary arts remind of us our shared humanity and have the power to bring our communities together. To this end, we are launching an “Arts in Our Community” series to highlight the amazing things that are already happening in our community. Consider it a year-round, online Festival of the Arts!

“Singing in a choir has helped me make connections with many different people and given me opportunities to travel the world. Most importantly, I’ve been able to hear beautiful music and be in sync with other musicians. This creates an intangible feeling of euphoria whenever I am singing with a group. In my experiences as a student, my music teachers were the people who held me to the highest standard and helped me live up to my potential. Music, especially chorus, was a class that meant I’d have fun but I’d also be expected to work hard and try my best. Those experiences inspired me to become a music teacher. Now I get to be the one pushing students to work their hardest. I get to watch them conquer their fears as they audition for solos, perform in front of others for the first time and feel a sense of pride in achieving a strong performance as a group. I’m proud to work as a music teacher in Howard County and proud of the work our students do each day.”  – Angela Pope, Chorus Director at Harpers Choice Middle School

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These kids can sing!!