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Columbia Festival of the Arts is supported by a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council, an agency funded by the State of Maryland and the National Endowment for the Arts; and by Howard County Arts Council through a grant from Howard County Government.

Columbia Festival, Inc. t/a Columbia Festival of the Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, donations to which are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. A copy of our current financial statement is available upon request by contacting the Festival’s offices at 5575 Sterrett Place, Suite 280, Columbia, MD 21044. Documents and information submitted to the State of Maryland under the Maryland Charitable Solicitations Act are available from the Office of State for the cost of copying and postage


Individual Donors


Ms. Sally Finkel

Ms. Doris Zingman

Ms. Anita Dworkin

Ms. Anita Criswell

Ms. Shari Zaret

Mr. and Mr. Raymond Worley

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yee

Chaney Fund for Hope


Holly and George Stone

Deborah Tice

Janice and Jerry Ward

Larry Petcovic

Linda Wengel

Doris Everett

Maureen Foley



Martha and Michael Rose

Earl Sasser

Mary Schiller

Al Scolnik and Lee Andersen

Johanna Som de Cerff

Ellen and Tim Sosinski

Carol J. Spangler

Amy Spanier

Dennis, Sharon, and Alisha Stephens

Nellie Arrington

Sheldon and Donna Bateman

Larry & Arlene Coppel

Barbara Fowler

Bach and Bob Jeffrey

Dave Simmons

Laura Wetherald

Ronnie & Kourtney Wooten


Donna and Steve Kaplan

Hattie and Eric Katkow

The Kelemen Family

Ellen and Padraic Kennedy

Alan L. Kersey

Linda and Neil Kirschner

Tom Lansford

Tom Lansford

Barbara Lawson

Beth Leaman


Linda and Jim Loesch

Ken and Elizabeth Lundeen

Suzanne Matheson

Barbara McClayton

Lynn McCloskey

Roger Meade and Sherrie Black

Hellen and Joe Mitchell

Frederick J. Mueller

Cathy and Richard Nettler

Barb Nicklas

Ron Nicodemus

Sharon and Andy Nussbaum

Diane and Kevin O’Connor

June and Tom O’Connor

Linda Odum, ReMax100

Mary and Bart Peitz

David Phillips

Judy Pittman

Kathleen Plunkett and Robert Fruit

Mary Ratcliffe

Nancy Rhead

Penelope Rice

Dave Simmons

Amy Sapnier

Holly & George Stone

Deborah Tice

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Timm

Jerry and Janice Ward

Laura Wetherald

Dr. and Mrs. Weiner

Ronnie & Kourtney Wooten

Raymond Worley

Nancy and Henry Yee

David Zeitzer and Barbara Kaplan

Al Scolnik and Lee Anderson

Paula Rasera

Jeff and Carol Friedhoffer

Lynn McCloskey

Padraic and Ellen Kennedy

Rachael Brumsted

Susan M. Castellan

Pete and Tina Dinwoodie

Kathleen Dicken


Deirdre M. McElroy

Anne McEvoy

Jacquie McLaughlin

Charles Miller

Michelle Miller

Frederick Muller

Ron Nicodemus

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nussbaum

Suzi Padgett

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Phillips

Judy Pittman

Mary Ratcliffe

Nancy Rhead

Mr. and Mrs. John and Carol Roberts

The Resource Collective, LLC Melissa Rosenberg

Judith Rubin

Steven Sach

Mary Kay Sigaty

Ellen Flynn Giles

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fornadel

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gershma

Cheryl Griffin

Cynthia Gula

Robert Guth

Drs. Halpern

Mr. and Mrs. Armand D. Harris, Jr.

Cheri Hawkins

Kelli Hillmar

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hirsch

Mr. and Mrs. David Hobby

Up to $50 

Fannie Elzena Chester Alston

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Arbelaez

Nellie Arrington

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Aubin

Mr. and Mrs.  A. Thomas Baity

Mae Beale

Mr. and Mrs.  Sherry Black and Rodger Meade

Delegate Elizabeth Bobo and Lloyd Knowles

Robert Brennan

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clinch

Lawrence Coppel

Mr. and Mrs. Michael David

Patrick Dillon

Dr.  Mary Ellen Duncan

Barbara Fowler

Margaret Gesell

LTC(Ret) and Mrs. Gerald Greenfield

Mr. and Mrs. John and Karen Harvie

Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Bach Jeffrey

Mr. and Mrs.  Diane Juray and Russ Swatek

Dr. and Mrs. Eric Katkow

Dr. and Mrs. Carolyn and Micheal  Kelemen

Barbara Kellner

Mary Ann Knab

Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Donna Koelle

Eddie Lucero

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lundeen

Marcia McAdoo

Barbara McClayton

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. William Arbelaez

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Axelrod

Mr. and Mrs. A. Thomas Baity

Mr. and Mrs. George Barker

Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Bateman

Nancy Bienia

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Blum

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brooks

Lt. Col.  Charles  Brown

Reva Bryant

Susan Buswell

Susan Castellan

Dr.  Barbara Cephos-Dorsey

Eileen Clegg

Lynn Clements

Mr. and Mrs. Cody Collins

Debra    Counts

Lan-Ahn Dang

Mr. and Mrs. Michael David

Deborah Decker

Karen Dixon

Karen Douglas

Dr. Mary Ellen Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. Lou Ebert

Mr. and Mrs. Don Eddins

Robin Emrich

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Finkel

Sally Finkel

*Includes donations received between June 2015 – June 2017

Restaurant Partners

The Columbia Festival of the Arts thanks the following local restaurants and stores for providing food for special events, receptions, and artist hospitality:

Bagel Bin
Clyde’s of Columbia
Cuba de Ayer
David’s Natural Market
Decanter Wine
El Azteca
Famous Dave’s
La Palapa
Mango Grove
Pizza Hut
Shoppers Food Warehouse
The Grille



Sponsorship is critical to fulfilling the mission of the Columbia Festival of the Arts. It enables the Festival to present a brand new season of gala performances, exhibitions, free concerts, workshops and demonstrations throughout the year. Sponsors account for approximately 40% of the Festival’s annual operating budget. Each sponsorship level is unique in the benefits offered and begins at $500. Contact us today to find out more.

Some of the benefits of sponsorship include:

  • Early notification of programs & performances
  • The opportunity to purchase discounted Festival tickets before the general public
  • Company recognition on print materials including brochures mailed to thousands of our patrons in the Baltimore-Washington corridor
  • Advertising in Festival programs
  • Invitations to special events throughout the year

For more information please contact the Festival office at 410-715-3044.